Forum Planning Committee

Focus and Major Functions:

The planning committee is appointed on an annual basis to provide guidance, suggestions and evaluations of the 
Annual Meeting & Forum. Membership is solicited to represent as many of the academy professions represented 
by NAP as feasible. An attempt is also made to carry over some members from previous years to allow for continuity. Planning committee members are asked to recommend speakers, sessions, and topics. Committee members may be asked to serve as session facilitators at the forum by introducing speakers and providing onsite trouble shooting activities.

The Forum is NAP’s premier in-person meeting during the calendar year, and serves to focus concerns of the group on applicable interprofessional policy. The planning process continues to become more organized and structured with successive meetings.  This year, we offered opportunities for volunteers to serve on subcommittees within this committee in areas of expertise or preference such as sponsorship, keynote speakers and post policy outcomes, conference evaluation outcomes, and networking sessions.

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