Call for Nominations - New Fellows and Emeritus Distinction

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  • To nominate a distinguished professional to one of the 14 existing Academies, you must be an active member of NAP. 

    There are 2 nomination options:

    1. Nominate a New Fellow to an existing Academy
    2. Nominate a current NAP Distinguished Fellow for Emeritus distinction

    The qualifications for NAP Distinguished Fellowship are:

    Nominees should be individuals who are committed to 1) interprofessional practice and 2) accessible, affordable healthcare for all.

    Distinguished Practitioners and Fellows
    Individuals who have spent a significant portion (10 years or more) of their professional career in the practice and direct delivery of health care services. They are judged by distinguished peers to have made enduring contributions in their profession.

    Distinguished Scholars and Fellows
    Individuals with academic achievements such as significant and enduring educational and/or research contribution to practice. They are judged by distinguished peers to have made significant and enduring contributions in their profession.

    Distinguished Public Policy Fellows
    Individuals who have made a significant and enduring public policy contribution to healthcare practice. They are judged by distinguished peers to have made significant contributions to interprofessional healthcare.

    The qualifications for the Emeritus Distinction are:

    NAP members who have paid dues for at least the previous five years, are retired and at least 70 years old, and who have participated in NAP leadership, either through the organization's committee structure or by speaking at NAP events. 

    Here is how you nominate:

    Enter the information about your nominee in the form below.

    For both types of nomination, you will need to know the following information about your nominee:

    1. Full Name
    2. Organization or Practice Name, if applicable
    3. The appropriate Academy to which they should apply or currently belong
    4. Email Address
    5. Phone Number

    After completing the nomination process you will receive a confirmation email.

    If you have nominated a New Fellow, the NAP Office will invite them to apply for Distinguished Fellowship and pay the $100 application fee.

    If you have nominated a current member for the Emeritus distinction, you must also upload a letter of recommendation highlighting your nominee's leadership activities

    If you have any questions, please contact the NAP Office.

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