Policy Papers and Statements

NAP’s Definition of Advocacy
Education and information for key stakeholders/policy makers around specific issues or causes to guide what is in the best interest for individuals, communities, and society’s health and well-being using available research, expertise, and collaborative relationships to bring an interprofessional voice/perspective, therefore, fulfilling NAP’s purpose and mission. 

As part of our mission, NAP supports research and policy that promotes interprofessional healthcare and advances patient-centered care.  Please find support statements, position papers, and policy statements below.

2017: NAP commitment statement supporting the National Academy of Medicine Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience
2011: Toward Interdisciplinary Team Development (position paper)
2010: Prevention, Health Promotion and the Practicing Healthcare Professional (position paper)
2009: Models of Accountable, Coordinated Health Care (position paper)
2008: Policy Statement on the Healthcare Workforce 
2007: Policy Statement on Access to Healthcare 
2006: Policy Statement on the Malpractice Mess: Future Directions 
2003: Policy Statement on the Health Professions' Role in Preventing Violence
2002: Policy Statement on Interprofessional Approaches to the Prevention of HealthCare Errors
2000: Recommendations of the National Academies of Practice Expert Panel on HealthCare in the 21st Century
1996: Policy Statement on Ethical Guidelines for Professional Care and Services in Managed Health Care Environment

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