National Interprofessional Health Care Month



“National Interprofessional Health Care Month”

Whereas, quality health care is in the public’s interest for maintenance of

 independence, productivity, happiness, overall welfare and well-being of society.

 Whereas, quality health care is provided collaboratively by professionals of multiple

 disciplines dependent upon the health needs of the public at large.

 Whereas, primary health care begins with health promotion, wellness, and the

 prevention of the very diseases and health problems that require treatment from

 various healthcare professionals.

 Whereas, the complexity and breadth of health promotion, illness prevention and

 quality health care benefits from the diverse knowledge and skills of a range of health

 care professionals.

 Whereas, health care clinicians collaborating in an interprofessional team model of

 service enhances not only coordination, but safe, effective and high quality health


 Therefore, the National Academies of Practice proclaim

 the month of April as

“National Interprofessional Health Care Month.”

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Michelle Troseth, MSN, RN, FNAP, FAAN, NAP President-Elect, Satya Verma, OD, FAAO, FNAP, Diplomate, NAP President, and Malcom Cox, MD and Co-Chair of the Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professions Education of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine.